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  • Wedding Favors : A scarf with a message

    When having a wedding in a breezy mountain area, a scarf might just be the item your guest will need to let them fully enjoy the night.

    alt="" /> A collection of scarves bearing the quote from Umm Koulthoum's song "هذه ليلتي" (this is my night)

    سوف تلهو بنا الحياة وتسخر فتعال أحبك الآن اكثر

    Click to listen to the song.

    celine khairallah
  • Wedding Project : Logo and Jewelry

    Arabic Calligraphy for Joyce & Elias Wedding Logo

    The Emblem created for the couple, was used across the wedding stationary, from the invitation cards to the table tents. We also created a bracelet for the bride as jewelry bearing her name and her husbands name in an intricate way to always remember that unforgettable day.

  • Wedding Project: Logo and Party Favors

    The logo was used on Wedding invitations, thank you notes and table tents. With the logo "Mirna & Seth" handprinted as a pattern on beautiful diverse fabric, coasters were created and distributed as party favors and souvenir from the wedding.
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  • Arabic Type project : Collaboration with David Hury on "The Beirut Book"

    David asked me to handle both the Arabic Editing, picking sentences from songs or books, and the creation of an Arabic font to be used in the book to go well with the stencil style of the Latin Font