How can I see the Current Product Collection?
Visit www.scenebeirut.com to view our current product range and full details and view the "custom made projects" page for examples of customizations.
Samples are available to view in our studio in Beirut, contact info@scenebeirut.com to arrange for a meeting.
Samples are sold in a full price with possibility to claim 30% OFF upon completion of wholesale minimum order.

Can I visit your studio?
Yes, of course, send us and email at info@scenebeirut.com and let's set a meeting.

Do you design all your products?
Yes, all items are designed in house, and we work with scarftsmen and suppliers to make them happen.

All products designs & graphics are copyrighted by SCENE Design Studio©.
Resale does not transfer copyrights or reprinting rights to buyer. SCENE and Celine Khairallah retain all art copyrights.

Can SCENE's designer visit your corporation to discuss a corporate gift option for your business?

sure,  email us at info@scenebeirut.com or contact us on 03698248.

Anything else?
If you need assistance or have any questions about your order, we would like to help you!
Please do not hesitate and email us at info@scenebeirut.com or contact us on 03698248.